Tatiana Borisova (1978-    ) - (Татьяна Борисова) is a
  • Tatiana Borislova
  • Tatiana Borislova in Кровинушка (2012)
  • Tatiana Borislova in Кровинушка(2012)
  • Tatiana Borislova
Kazakhstani actress born in Almaty, Kazakhstan (USSR). She worked as a model before studying cinematography and acting at RSIC (Всероссийский государственный университет), graduating in 2004


  • Кровинушка (Krovinushka) - (2012) Television - Although pregnant, she is chloroformed and rolled up in a rug, Taken away, she is bound and gagged with black duct tape aboard a boat, and later silver tape.

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