Leila Hyams (1905-1977) was an American actress
  • Leila Hyams
  • Leila Hyams in Bishop Murder Case (1930)
  • Leila Hyams in The Girl Said No(1930)
  • Leila Hyams
in the 1920's and 30's. Born in New York City, she is best known for her starring role in the horror classic Freaks.

Interestingly, as rare as cleave gags were in the 1930's, (and the were VERY rare), Hyams received them twice, in the same year.


  • The Bishop Murder Case (1930) - Near the close of this film, Hyams is in the attic, bound with rope and cleave gagged.
  • The Girl Said No (1930) - Near the end of this film, Hyams is taken away to her fiancee's care, bound and cleave gagged.
  • Yellow Dust (1936) - Hyams is placed in a straitjacket and ridden off on a horse. Later, she remains in the straitjacket at camp. Hyams' final film.

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