Claudia Pandolfi (1974-    ) is an Italian actress who started
  • Claudia Pandolfi
  • Claudia Pandolfi in Unlikely Revolutionaries (2010)
  • Claudia Pandolfi
her screen career at age 18 and is best known for her roles in Un Medico In Famiglia and Distretto di Polizia.


  • Distretto di Polizia "La Scelta" (2005) Television - Pandolfi is kidnapped, and tied up hand and foot. After she escapes, she placed in a hogtie.
  • Distretto di Polizia "Tsunami" (2010) Television - Pandolfi is kidnapped and handcuffed.
  • Unlikely Revolutionaries (aka Figli delle stelle) (2010) - Pandolfi is kidnapped, tied up and cleave gagged.

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